Rise up to a changing culture around money introducing ZavFit for UNA V Conference 2020

To people outside of the arena (and to a few within, we have no doubt!), insurance industry conferences may well sound a little boring. At UNA Alliance, our members and partners know that that’s not the case and, as well as topical sessions and information, we always like to bring in speakers who will present something that can make a real difference, not only to our members as businesses, but also as individuals. So, we’re delighted this year to be introducing ZavFit.

Did you know that worrying about money is one of the leading causes of anxiety and mental health issues? Now, more than ever, being financially fit is something everyone is mindful of. And, while incredibly important, being financially fit doesn’t just mean that there’s enough money coming in to pay the bills, to contribute to pension pots or to save for a rainy day. How our money makes us feel is equally important.

ZavFit is a new HealthTech start-up working with the aim to help people improve their health and happiness. Rather than being a savings plan or budgeting tool, though, ZavFit is focused on helping people to feel less stressed and more happy about their money and finances.

At our 2020 Conference, ZavFit founder, Anna Freeman, and Olympic Gold Medallist (yes, we do always like to bring a celebrity into the mix!), Greg Searle, will talk with us on this interesting and incredibly timely topic, introducing a new wellbeing concept – MoneyFitness. MoneyFitness is about understanding yourself better and what makes you feel happier and healthier. Spending in line with those things can contribute most to your health and happiness. 

At UNA Alliance we’re all looking forward to this interactive session and we’ll be taking notes to share more, including some industry specific insight, in the coming weeks.